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AIRRAC Namespace Reference


namespace  YieldParserHelper


class  AIRRAC_Service
 Interface for the AIRRAC Services. More...
class  AirportPairNotFoundException
class  PosOrChannelNotFoundException
class  FlightDateNotFoundException
class  FlightTimeNotFoundException
class  FeaturesNotFoundException
class  AirlineNotFoundException
class  YieldInputFileNotFoundException
class  YieldFileParsingFailedException
class  QuotingException
class  YieldFilePath
struct  YieldRuleStruct
 Utility Structure for the parsing of Flight-Date structures. More...
class  YieldManager
 Command wrapping the travel request process. More...
class  YieldParser
 Class wrapping the parser entry point. More...
class  YieldFileParser
class  YieldRuleGenerator
class  FacAirracServiceContext
 Factory for the service context. More...
class  AIRRAC_ServiceContext
 Inner class holding the context for the AIRRAC Service object. More...


typedef boost::shared_ptr
< AIRRAC_Service
typedef unsigned int YieldID_T


const std::string DEFAULT_AIRLINE_CODE = "BA"

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::shared_ptr<AIRRAC_Service> AIRRAC::AIRRAC_ServicePtr_T

Definition at line 95 of file AIRRAC_Types.hpp.

typedef unsigned int AIRRAC::YieldID_T

ID for the Yield Quote system.

Definition at line 102 of file AIRRAC_Types.hpp.

Variable Documentation

const std::string AIRRAC::DEFAULT_AIRLINE_CODE = "BA"

Default airline name for the AIRRAC_Service.

Definition at line 10 of file BasConst.cpp.